Ever since I can remember I had always felt loved. No matter what was going on in my life my parents had always been there for me. When I was a kid they got rid of the monsters under my bed, if I fell off my bike they would catch me before I could hit the ground, and whenever I was afraid or worried they would embrace me and tell me everything would be okay. Now maybe you’re thinking something like, this sounds totally normal, or my parents are like that too, but there is one fact that makes my situation different from yours…my parents are dead. Truth be told I actually never got to meet my parents when they were alive, they died when I was just a baby.

        On the night my parents were first bringing me home from the hospital there was an accident. A truck driver had fallen asleep at the wheel causing him to lose control of his vehicle and crash into us at full speed, or so I’m told. My mom and dad shielded me with their bodies so I was unharmed, but they were killed almost instantly. To the rest of the world my parents may be gone but the truth is they never left, they’ve always been here with me. When I was younger I always wondered why I was the only one who could see them and why my parents looked so much different than everybody else’s. Unlike the regular looking moms and dads my parents had these long, dark red lines all over their bodies, bent backwards limbs, bloodshot bulging eyes, and cracked teeth. However, the older I got the more I understood, and it frightened me, they frightened me.

        In the early stages of my life I welcomed my parents loving guardianship, despite their horrific outward appearance, but as I grew older and starting making friends things began to change. They became more possessive of me, accusing everyone I would spend a lot of time with of trying to steal me away from them. Their solution to this “problem” was to scare all my friends away one by one. At first it was small things like people always feeling cold when they were around me or they would hear strange whispers in their ears but soon it evolved to small objects like forks, spoons, and knifes levitating around me. Suffice it to say when those floating objects then started to hurl themselves at my friends they all stopped coming around me, leaving me with my overly possessive dead parents for my sole source of company.

        I’m not sure why their love for me turned from sweet to obsessive but by this time I’d had enough, even though I still loved them I knew it was time for them to move on. It took some doing but after multiple secret Google searches in the bathroom (it’s the only place my parents would respect my privacy) I found a legitimate priest that would help me put them to rest. When the priest finally arrived my parents glared at him angrily, and then at me. I’d never seen such a look of Malice in their eyes before. As the priest tried to perform the exorcism things went from bad to worse. With each holy Latin word he spoke dishes flew off the shelf, mirrors shattered, doors violently opened and shut, and lights all around the house flickered on and off frantically. To make matters even worse my parents only seemed to grow in strength as the exorcism continued, until they finally had enough of the priest’s meddling. I watched with horror as the red streaks that ran down my parents’ bodies turned the deepest color of black I had ever seen, followed by the growth of razor sharp needle like teeth, deformed cat like claws, and black eyes that could pierce your very soul. Before I could even blink they were on him, tearing him to shreds in an instant. When they finished with the priest the horrifying apparitions had turned their attention to me, slowing walking toward me with their arms outstretched.

“We love you son, we will always love you no matter what…” the thing that was supposed to be my mother cooed in a low demonic voice.


“We will never let anyone take you away from us!” my monstrous father added, his unearthly roar so powerful that it shook the room.

All I could do was cry in despair as they embraced me, their demonic forms covered from head to toe with fresh blood.

        Now as I sit here writing this I can feel my parents watching me, they want me to join them, be like them. I tell them no, that I want nothing to do with them and that they should leave but the answer is always the same. They tell me that they love me too much to leave, that I should become what they are so we can truly be together as a family for eternity. I’ve fought their urgings for so long but I’m tired, so tired…I don’t think I can fight them for much longer. Besides, it wouldn’t be that bad right? Despite all the evil things they have done they’ve never once attacked me and I’m never alone as long as they are with me.... Truth be told I think the transformation has already begun because now I’m starting to see dark red lines forming all over my body. As my teeth begin to sharpen and my fingernails turn into claws I can feel my parents’ arms wrap around me once again, and I know, without a doubt, that I am, and always will be, loved.

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