The Elemental Conductors

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A story about people who survive natural disasters and develop powers based on the disaster they survived. Follow Joshua as he struggles to control his newfound powers while also being hunted by a mysterious organization that is collecting people with powers like his.


An ordinary man living an ordinary, if not lackluster life, James simply goes through the motions of each day with a frown on his face. This all changes when he is attacked one night on his way home from work, waking up the next morning to find that he has a strange creature bonded to his abdomen.


Lux et Tenebrae (L.e.T for short) means light and darkness in Latin. This is a supernatural thriller about three siblings, their ties to each other, those they meet, and their supernatural heritage. It has fast-paced action, comedy, and a little romance. But at the heart of all this is a story about family.


911 Reviews – The Elemental Conductors: Vol.1

Comparable to the Avengers & the Fantastic 4 with MCU quality characters and great art. With such a fantastic origin story, The Elemental Conductors is definitely something that will keep your attention. Review starts at 0:43.


Wednesday Reads (E.G Stone) – The Elemental Conductors: Motion Comics

A great story that takes the familiar and twists it into something new. I think this is a fun read/watch and I loved the art.


Comics Anonymous – The Elemental Conductors Issue #1

There’s no doubt that the story from Jesse & the art from Camilo helps this opening issue shine.  The pursuit from the faceless government forces could have easily descended into your expected clichés but the back and forth between Josh & Tony and the surprises from some of the other cast help make this feel fresh & fast-paced.

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